10 father's day gift ideas under $10 in under 10 minutes | Squirrelly MindsI feel like there’s still too much of a commercial pull around the holidays, especially ones like mother’s and father’s day. In fact, did you know that the founder of mother’s day just wanted a day to honour and memorialize her mom, and was absolutely disgusted with how overly commercialized it became? She actually fought to have it abolished. In an effort to be less of a consumer, why don’t we go back to simple gifts of love this father’s day? Personally I prefer thoughtful gifts made with love rather than something off the shelf. So, I thought up of 10 father’s day gift ideas under $10 in under 10 minutes. Yes, they’re super affordable, super fast, and super sentimental. Does it get better than that?

Write a favourite memories list

If your kids can write, let them do the work. Otherwise, you be the scribe. Have them write/tell you about their favourite memories with dad. You might have to probe them a little with questions like “What was a time that dad made you laugh? What is the goofiest thing dad has done?”

Framed portrait of Dad

Get the kids to draw a portrait of dad and either frame it in a store bought frame or make a fun one our of paper or something fun and unexpected like pom pom trim.

Custom t-shirt

Grab a plain white t-shirt and fabric markers. Let the kids go to town! If they can’t write yet, ask them what they would like to tell their dad and write it on the front or back of the shirt. You can use some of the prompts from the memories list above or the favourite things list below.

Write a favourite things about dad list

Just like the memories list, either have the kids write or you can scribe for them. Some questions to ask include: “Why does dad make you laugh? What do you like to play with dad? What food do you like that dad makes? What does dad do to make you laugh? How does he make you feel better when you’re sad?”

Make a memory box

Send the kids on a scavenger hunt, grabbing any items that make them think of dad or have a specific memory attached to dad. This works great with older kids. You could also have them write a little note attached to each item.

A real photo book

Remember those? Actual photos are crazy cheap to print nowadays, and putting together a book can be as simple as getting the kids to draw all over white cardstock, stapling the sheets together and pasting/taping the photos in. Voila!

Make a batch of hidden message popsicles

So go ahead and prep a regular batch of popsicles, perhaps in dad’s favourite flavour. Except! On each stick write a message for dad to be revealed as he eats! You’ll have to write it on one end and wrap the sticks tightly in saran wrap so the juice doesn’t make the ink run. (ok, this might take a little longer than 10 minutes).

Custom mug

Like the t-shirt, but grab a plain white dollar store mug and a bunch of sharpies. Bake the mug to let the ink set.

Breakfast in bed

Dad’s deserve breakfast in bed too! But make it tailored to him. You can all jump in bed and enjoy pancakes together while watching star wars, or put on the game all wearing your favourite team’s hats while chowing down on bacon and eggs.

Make a home video

Don’t home videos seem kind of retro? Yet we all have video cameras on our phones! Put together a sweet video of the kids telling dad why they love and appreciate him. You can make a real production of it if you want to go beyond the 10 minute mark!

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