10 Urban Farmers to Follow on Instagram

There’s a misconception that urban farming is this new, hip movement, but it’s more of a revival. During World War II, cities were speckled with “Victory Gardens,” and growing your own food was a patriotic duty (a movement which also yielded some amazing poster designs… Google those later). With the onset of industrialized food systems and improvements in refrigeration, apples began to travel more than pilots, and urban agriculture moved to the countryside, where it was out of sight and out of mind.

With the slew of environmental and food insecurity issues we currently face, reviving urban agriculture is a must. I recommend following these 10 urban farmers on Instagram as a way to connect more to food sources, to rethink sustainability in urban design and to find ways to support local agriculture. Additionally, I suggest leaving words of encouragement and gratitude in their photo comments. Farming, whether urban or rural, seems charming from the outside, but it’s a daily battle against critters, the elements, industrialization and physical exhaustion. Yet, without these crusaders, we could kiss those sweet, sweet tomatoes goodbye!

This roundup is merely scratching the surface, so be sure to tell me who else in the urban agriculture world inspires you. I am all ears. —Quelcy


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