DIY Swings for Kids

1. Baby Swing Tutorial

Baby Swing Tutorial

Four wooden dowels with the side rods overlapping the ones in the front and the back offer an easy-to-build foundation for this adorable baby swing. A black and white striped fabric seat with pockets for legs allows for a comfortable experience, while the ropes and metal rings hang the swing to a tree branch.

DIY Details : themakerista

2. 20 Minute Crafter : Skateboard Swing

20 Minute Crafter : Skateboard Swing

Give an all new purpose to an old skateboard in just a deal of 20 minutes, disguising it into a winsome skateboard swing hanging in your backyard! What you’re going to need is drill bit, carabiners, 2 dowels that work as the hand supports for the kid while they are swinging, and a strong rope.

DIY Details : littlebitfunky

3. Tree Swing

Tree Swing

The traditional design for a tree swing is brought to life with this ultra-chic something built out of a board of scrap wood and long rope. Holes made in 4 corners of the board help to string up the seat from a tree limb using the rope that’s tied, looped and knotted in a fashion explained by A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Details : abeautifulmess

4. Child Airplane Swing

Child Airplane Swing

Looking exactly like an airplane all set to take off, this one is actually a child swing made from pine and “A” frame made from a few pressure treated 2×4’s. That bright red coat of paint and Navy stickers work out fine details for the construction costing no more than 50 dollars to get it all done.

DIY Details : ana-white

5. Round Wooden Swing

Round Wooden Swing

Although, the geometry of this lovely round swing calls for a little effort to get it swinging, it only works as a quick exercise combined with lots of fun. And that pie-like pattern brought by alternating colors makes the swing even more adorable. Cut a length of rope and slip it in the hole made in the center.

DIY Details : bowerpowerblog

6. DIY Tree Swing for Kids and Adults

DIY Tree Swing for Kids and Adults

The special thing about this super cool tree swing is its structure, that can adjust to any shape, which makes it apt and appropriate not only for the kiddos, but the adults as well. The idea for the subtle construction is to assemble a few wooden planks together with wooden beads braided into a nylon rope.

DIY Details : momtastic

7. Easy DIY Platform Swing

Easy DIY Platform Swing

A mini trampoline establishes itself as the perfectly strong platform swing with the ability to handle lots of weight with its sturdy frame. And, those padded cushions provide utmost comfort to your kiddos. Simply remove the legs and put this DIY platform swing together in a deal of mere 10 minutes.

DIY Details : andnextcomesl

8. DIY Chair Tree Swing

DIY Chair Tree Swing

Apply a fresh coat of bright paint on that old chair you were otherwise planning to throw away, and get going to craft a chair tree swing with the same. Removing the legs and inserting contrasting colored ropes into holes made in the chair is all it takes to end up in this swing with a super comforting backrest.

DIY Details : theownerbuildernetwork

9. DIY Toddler Wooden Swing

DIY Toddler Wooden Swing

Safety for your little one comes at the top of the list when crafting a swing for them, and this wooden structure with a clever frame ensures that your child would stay in perfect place, that too with utmost perfection. A transparent oil wax coat on the wood and those black ropes make it look truly charming.

DIY Details : designwash

10. How to Make a Bucket Swing

How to Make a Bucket Swing

Best Out of Waste is what this breathtaking bucket swing screams out loud. While the bottom of the bucket works as the seat for the swing, the two pockets for the legs keep the baby all safe. It’s all about removing the handle and cutting the bucket in an innovative fashion, followed by adding ropes to make it hang-ready.

DIY Details : bellartatelier

11. Upcycled Tyre Kid’s Swing

 Upcycled Tyre Kids Swing

This one is perhaps, one of the most inexpensive DIY swing that repurposes an old and used tyre for the seat. The rope grid is formed by drilling holes in the tires at uniform distances and threading the rope tightly into the holes, tying knots underneath. Another 4 holes are made to insert a rope and hang it to a branch.

DIY Details : ilsesenkel

12. DIY Platform Swing

DIY Platform Swing

Now, the kids really don’t have to wait for their turns to get swinging – this super huge DIY Platform Swing accommodating them all comes to their rescue. A square frame made from PVC piping is used to form the webbing for the platform, further tying the pipes to ropes for hanging up the finished structure.

DIY Details : thenaughtymommy

13. How to Make a Fun Tire Swing

How to Make a Fun Tire Swing

That industrial essence to this fun tire swing makes it quite out-of-the-box, which is taken to heights of joy with the multiple directional movement the swing provides for. The credit goes to the fact that the tire has been supported horizontally by 3 points of attachment and a swivel point on the top of the metal chain.

DIY Details : ehow

14. DIY Tree Swing for Baby

DIY Tree Swing for Baby

This chair-like wooden swing has been designed specially keeping the toddlers in mind, assembling lots of wooden plans and beads together with a nylon rope. While the planks form the arm rests, a leather strap attached to the front planks of the swing keeps the little ones from slipping off the structure.

DIY Details : momtastic

15. Easy DIY Tire Swing

Easy DIY Tire Swing

Hanging the tire in mid-air horizontally makes it work as a lovely seat for the kids, calling for just a rope tied around the top of the tire, connecting it with a tree branch to transform it into a joy-filled swing. Go for a sturdy, medium weight tire, and bring out the element of color by a splash of blue paint.

DIY Details : ellaclaireinspired

Whether you are looking out for building a lavishly designed swing, want to go for a structure that works for more than one kid at a time, or simply interested in putting together an upcycled tree swing, the above DIY Swings for Kids have surely got something to meet exactly what you need!

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DIY Swings for Kids

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