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A new year means new craft/sewing challenges! I’m always interested in community challenges, I love peeking in on hashtags and watching makers experiment and connect. I’ll admit, I’m terrible at joining and keeping up with something unless I am the one leading it (and subsequently feel much more pressure to stay engaged, since I started it!).

But that doesn’t stop me from being a spectator! I do think I’m going to join in on the very first one on the list, sign up for my newsletter to see my updates, but will just be following the others. I loved my two years of “try something new every month”, but haven’t been properly inspired by anything since then. I rounded up all the 2018 creative craft and sewing challenges that I’ve seen on Instagram or in my blog reader; please let me know if you are participating with or hosting one that I can add.

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Several of these are 2018 specific and a few are groups that continue year after year:


Sewing specific

General crafts/making

Are you going to join in on any of these? I’ve been busy reflecting back on 2017 with my most popular posts and the most popular free sewing pattern from over 50 designers, I need to switch gears and get to planning 2018!

Looking for 2018 creative challenges to build community and gain some accountability? See all your options for sewing, knitting, and crafting groups to encourage each other and make more this year!

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