Happy New Year! It’s that time again, time for introspection and trying to figure out how I want to proceed this year. In the past I feel like the path has always been laid out nicely for me. More DIY’s, more product designs, etc. But this year I feel like I am struggling a little to figure out exactly where I want to go.

It has definitely been my passion for ever to design products. Back in college (that was like, 16 years ago guys! OMG) I would spend my free time hand drawing pieces of modern furniture and creating entire room designs by hand with map pencils. I would design the lighting, the rugs, and even the pillows. I spent so much time sketching up ideas that I eventually filled a binder with all of them. And even though I was studying Chemical Engineering (I am a science nerd at heart), I loved being able to create from my imagination. So it’s no surprise that DIY blogging came so naturally to me. I even thought when I started this blog that it would be a home renovation blog, but that soon gave way to my passion of crafting and making and designing.

So, that’s where I need your help, I want to know if you love seeing all the DIY projects or if you would like something more? Maybe more personal life updates mixed in, recipes for food or cocktails, more blogging advice and behind the scenes? Tell me what you want so I can create awesome stuff that you will love!

Of course the base of this blog will always be DIY’s and crafts. Because that is what I love! But that being said, what types of craft projects are you looking for? Home decor? Party ideas? Fashion accessories?

And last but not least, I need your help figuring out what products you want to see from the Kailo Chic collection this year? You all loved my felt ball reindeer and holly berry garlands, so I have big plans for bringing more felt ball garlands into the mix. And the confetti pillow and cocktail shaker were amazingly well received! So I know you all love confetti! But what would you just love to see next? A paper plate and cup line for parties? Hot cups for your morning coffee? Greeting cards? Zipper pouches? or more home decor for holidays and everyday? Vases? Pillows? Placemats? Planters? Something else I am totally missing?

I’ve set up this survey so that you can easily give me all your thoughts and opinions. Thank you all so much for following along and giving me all your insight. I can’t wait to hear what you all think! xo. Kara


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