Today is my 25th birthday and I could not be less angsty about it! I am super excited to be a quarter century old! Things I am looking forward to in my 25th year including: cheaper car insurance (calling my agent on Monday!!!), feasibly priced car rentals, and fewer people telling me “You’re So Young!” To celebrate I consumed all of my favorite foods and drink in a delightfully over decorated backdrop on my dining room floor. A cheat day so good it had to be documented!

The bunting banner was a free project through Cricut design space! You just load your paper, select the project, and you’re good to go! It took quite some time to cut because of the intricate design, but it looks so good! I just set it to cut and watched tv until I heard it stop, put on the next colored paper, and resumed my spot on the couch.

The ombre hexagon banner was made using a hexagon hole punch and the same cardstock stack as the bunting. I actually cut most of the hexagons out of the leftover parts of the bunting paper! I simply taped the hexagons onto string and made sure the taped side wasn’t showing.

I also made my shirt using my Cricut (man I love this thing) and pressed it on with my heat press. I’m not sure I could be more excited about all of my crafty toys! I will say that I did have a bit of a tiff with the glitter vinyl (it was all my fault though). I forgot to adjust the cut setting and the glitter vinyl is significantly thicker than regular vinyl. Once I got my depth correct, it was smooth sailing!

The glittery 25 in the background, and the cupcake picks were a very last minute craft. By that I mean I did them in like 10 minutes before my make-up artist came. I whipped them up in design space, welded the numbers together so they would be a solid piece, and ran them through the machine. To make the cupcake picks I just hot glued them to a tooth pick! So easy and fun!

You might have seen “Make-up Artist” and spit out your drink at my self indulgent behavior. But, by Make-up Artist I really mean my co-teacher and good friend Karissa (also known as my party-planning-partner-in-crime of Z’s retirement party fame). She graciously came over and did my makeup, because I am barely a girl and don’t own, or know how to use makeup… There are a few shots where I was like “oh hey there cheekbones how you doin” because she did such a good job with the blush!

When I thought the light outside would be perfect I coerced my dear husband to walk up to the field by the entrance of our neighborhood and snap a few more pics. We were a little too early for golden hour, but we still got a few cute ones where I wasn’t surrounded by food!

Now for a major self indulgent photo dump! Enjoy!

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