4 DIY Home Decor Projects to Try: DIY Clay Letter Keychain on Sugar & Cloth | Fish & Bull

I’ve been on a kick lately creating home decor DIYs and sharing them as a contributor for other awesome DIY blogs. Unfortunately once I hit publish,  I always forget to share the projects here for you guys to check out! So here’s a quick recap of four DIY home decor projects if you’re looking for an easy way to update your decor. Why not make a set of keychains, throw pillow, candles or wall art — or all four?! Either way, I’ve got you covered.

First up , who doesn’t love a good keychain? They’re so fun to collect and even more fun to DIY. I shared how to make DIY Clay Letter Keychains to label your house, work and car keys over on Sugar & Cloth — the simple monogram is cute and handy when you’re trying to keep your key ring organized.

4 DIY Home Decor Projects to Try: DIY Pink Shibori Style Throw Pillow on Sugar & Cloth | Fish & Bull

This DIY Pink Shibori Throw Pillow on Sugar & Cloth is a fun twist on the classic blue shibori style. I’ve never tried Shibori before but it’s hugely on trend and not as hard as you think. If you’re partial to pink like I am, you may want to give this one a try.

4 DIY Home Decor Projects to Try: DIY Anthropologie Hack Marbled Wall Art on Brit + Co | Fish & Bull

A DIY Anthro Pastel Wall Art hack in soft and subtle watercolors is just what your walls need. Creating handmade art depending on my mood / season is so easy and you don’t need any painting experience with this one!

4 DIY Home Decor Projects to Try: DIY Tea Scented Candles on Martha Stewart | Fish & Bull

There’s nothing like a cup of tea and a candle to chill out after a busy day. These DIY Tea Infused Candles over on Martha Stewart gives you the best of both worlds and they smell like heaven, if I do say so myself.



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