4th of July Paper Firecrackers for Kids - FunWhether you live in an area with strict guidelines against live fireworks or you just don’t want your littles messing with fire, these 4th of July Paper Firecrackers are sure to be a hit with children, young and old, during the next Independence Day get-together. They can be made in just minutes with only a few supplies, making them absolutely perfect for this month’s Craft Lightning which is hosted by The Country Chic Cottage, 30 Minute Crafts, and Me and My Inklings. A fun project that will keep kids entertain and can be made in under 15 minutes? That’s something to celebrate!

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4th of July Paper Firecrackers for Kids - SuppliesMaking this really couldn’t be easier! You’ll need the free “4th of July Paper Firecrackers” Free Printable, a straw, tape, and some Oly-fun or tissue paper if you want to add streamers. The printed paper straws add a fun element to this project but obviously, you can use any straw available. I love the idea of having a small table reserved for this project at your 4th of July shindig!

Print the 4th of July Paper Firecrackers here!

4th of July Paper Firecrackers for Kids - ColorAllow your child to choose which one of the 5 designs he/she likes best and let them loose with some colored pencils! Don’t worry if they don’t keep within the lines or choose to use non-traditional 4th of July colors. Firecrackers aren’t meant to be perfect. Plus, they’re having enough fun coloring that you’ll probably have enough time to grab another slice of apple pie from the dessert table!

4th of July Paper Firecrackers for Kids - AttachIf working with older kids, have them cut a strip of Oly-Fun or tissue paper fringe equal in width to the cut-out paper firecracker. Use tape to attach to the base of the firecracker.

4th of July Paper Firecrackers for Kids - AssembleFold the edges of the 4th of July Paper Firecrackers together and tape closed. Fold another a piece of tape over the tip of the “firecracker” (opposite the fringe end) and secure. You want to make sure the paper firecracker is as airtight as possible to achieve ultimate flight velocity!

4th of July Paper Firecrackers for Kids - Fire!Only thing left to do is to slip the straw inside of the 4th of July Paper Firecracker, blow a puff of air, and watch as the kids squeal with joy as the paper tube goes flying through the air! Hope you and the kids have fun making these on 4th of July!

These 4th of July Paper Firecrackers for kids are super easy to make in just minutes!


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