Afionas is the Edenic Garden of Corfu. It is a traditional village nested on cliff tops and when you enter it, it is like entering another world. You are greeted by lovely whitewashed houses with Hellenic blue doors crowned by purple and magenta bougainvilleas which are like a trademark of the village.
Stone paved alleys embraced by canopies of flowers hide lovely houses with amazing gardens. A peek through the gates reveal breathtaking and well kept gardens, while the whole village, offers staggering views wherever you turn.
There are many charming shops in the village with unique products and souvenirs.  Restaurant sand cafes with exquisite panoramic views.





Porto Timoni
From the village there is a path that leads through the hill to the extraordinary Porto Timoni. The path is very rough, steep and narrow and passes between exceedingly thorny bushes. It should not undertaken by anyone unsteady on their feet, because there are loose rocks and stones so hikers are advised to wear suitable footwear. But when you come to this spectacular view of it above, all pain is instantly forgotten.
We suggest you rent a boat or a paddleboat to get here and bring a lot of refreshments and a parasol. Once there, be ready for the most clear water and unique marine life near and inside the cave (on the left). The left bay is way better than the right one.


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