Beaded Christmas Tree

We love to change our Christmas theme each year. We buy a few key decorations and then repurpose items around our home and make some new decorations to match our theme. This year we are having a modern Metallic Christmas, with lots of gold, rose gold/copper, silver, plus touches of white and black. Our new Merry and Bright sign is the focal point of our mantlepiece. To add some shiny bling to our decorating, we have made a beaded Christmas Tree.

Beaded Tree 1

This project could not be easier, and it takes around 10 minutes to make. You will need:

  • cardboard tree form (or make your own using an old cereal box)
  • bead garland (we used an 8 metre silver bead garland from Target).
  • craft glue

We left our cardboard tree natural but you could paint it or cover it will aluminium foil, depending on the effect you are after. We plan to repurpose the tree form next year so only used a small dot of glue at the start and finish of the tree. (If you do not secure the entire garland with glue, be careful when you are moving the decoration).

Beaded Tree 2

Use a few drops of clear craft glue (or use a glue gun) to adhere the first few beads at the bottom of the cone. Once the glue has dried, simply wind the beads around the cone until the entire cone is covered. Trim the garland to size, and glue the final few beads in place.

Beaded Tree 4

Beaded Tree 3

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