If you are a regular reader of my blog, thank you! I hope you find inspiration and ideas here.

Today I was about to write my next post, but upon adding the HTML links to it from the hosting platform I have been using from the beginning – Photobucket – I noticed they were not displaying, with “3rd party hosting has been temporarily disabled” icons appearing in their place.

After looking into this, I discovered that Photobucket has sometime between when I started using them in 2014, and today, changed their policies to say they don’t allow 3rd party usage for their free account. I am nothing less than shocked and appalled by this, since their free account has language all over it saying ‘these links are for sharing your photos anywhere on the web’.

Long story short.. I am seeing if something can be done about this, but currently Photobucket is forcing me to pay $400 for an annual subscription for an account that allows for sharing photos online. I cannot imagine how it’s possible a company gets away with this as the most likely reason anyone would ever use such a platform, is to share photos on 3rd party sites like blogs.

Since Photobucket is literally blackmailing me to start paying $400 a year (they don’t even offer a monthly option to test the service first) – I am considering whether or not to keep my blog. Moving to another hosting provider and replacing the image links in all my blog posts from 2014 is not an option, the work involved would be unreasonable. Which I’m sure Photobucket knew very well when they made this change to their policy.

It makes me really sad that a company would do this to its hundreds of thousands of users, of which the majority are creative professionals or hobbyists, just wanting to share their love for their craft with the world.



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