I’m so excited to share a little patio update with you all. But before I do, I wanted to show you a super cool new feature within the Wayfair app, which I’ve become a little obsessed with.


This new ‘View in Room’ feature allows you to select product from the Wayfair app and actually preview it in your own space.


Here is a screenshot from my phone ….IMG_2430

Here is a different set…


How cool is that?!? If any of you ever have difficulty visualizing how something may look in your space, or if you find you may not be 100% convinced on a product, this app is perfect for you and takes the guess work away.

I love it, and you know what? My dear friends at Wayfair are offering a 10% promo code to any new customers when they download the app and sign up. Simply go HERE to download app…I think you’re going to love it too.

Now let’s take a look at the updates…


I’m a firm believer in fluidity from one room to another and that even an outdoor space should be an extension of the interior. With the warmer weather upon us, I was able to spend the afternoon working from here and it was blissful. :)





We need to buy a new canopy for our gazebo (or maybe a new gazebo?) as the original canopy endured the effects of the weather and we replaced it with a portable tent, but it does the job for now.


Over the weekend, we bought sheer curtains from IKEA and they’re only $4.99 (for 2 panels), so you can’t beat that.




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I’m in love with this rug and I know some of you may be thinking “yes, but it’s white and how long is it going to stay that way?”. The honest answer is I don’t know, but I do know it is made for an outdoor space and as such can be hosed down and washed with bleach and cold water as/if needed, so we’ll see.


And speaking of white, I can appreciate how white cushions in an outdoor space with an energetic pup that thinks he’s a lap dog may not bode well. But…the cushions are removable and washable and we have had white cushions inside the house for a while now, so we know how to care for them. And if I could be blunt – I love the look and believe washing them as/if needed is more than worth it.


We don’t have a large backyard, but it can be considered decent given we live in the suburbs of a major city. What that means is that it does not, unfortunately, afford a great deal of privacy, so it’s important for me to have this little space that offers some seclusion.







And there you go…I hope you like it.

I would encourage you to download the WAYFAIR APP using this LINK and receive your 10% off code when you sign up. And I’d love to know what you think of the new ‘View in Room ‘ feature!

Thank you so much for stopping by…I hope you have a beautiful rest of the week.

much love,



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