One of the awesome things about DIY means you can dream up wild and crazy projects like this outdoor cabana lounge build.  I’ve always wanted a lazy lounge space in our backyard and with the help of my friend Ana White my dreams have come true.
diy outdoor cabana lounge
I first spotted this idea in my buildy friend Liz from Smart Girls DIY Instagram feed:
Smart Girls DIY palapa inspiration
Clearly this palapa structure is from a vacation destination spot and of course I want my backyard to feel like a vacation!  But looking at that frame and considering the support and angles I knew I needed Ana to step in and sketch up plans.  Lucky for us she has the free plans available here!
kids outdoor cabana
Of course my goal was to complete this project over the summer but time has a way of slipping and now summer has turned to Fall.  That’s okay we can still make use of the outdoor cabana lounge and boy is it ever cozy!

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