Every time that I go to post a new calendar and we’re already several days into the month, I consider just skipping it. But the part of me that needs things to be complete just can’t do that. So here we are on July 3 with a new guinea pig wallpaper.

If you’re wondering why Captain Cuddles and Lieutenant Nibbles are wearing carrots as party hats, it’s because they are celebrating a special day this month. July 16 is Guinea Pig Appreciation Day, and that felt like something to celebrate. They love carrots, so that seemed a good choice for hats. They may start snacking on them later.

These wallpapers will fit most devices, so download and appreciate a guinea pig or two!

Happy Summer Printable Tags with Guinea Pigs

I also had a request for making last month’s summer-loving piggies into a printable, so I set up a 5×7 print and some Happy Summer tags.

My mom likes to think that once we hit July, summer is over, but I refuse to accept that. There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the sun or at least sip a fruity drink in your backyard.


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