Hello friends. I hope you’re having a good weekend so far. I didn’t get to sleep in this weekend but I’m hoping to take a nap later on today.
I played around with the front porch this week and I think that It’s pretty much done.

I debated whether I should add some red, because I truly love how festive the red looks against the black door but I decided to just keep it all green. Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-4

I added some ribbon that I found at Canadian Tire but I’m thinking even though I did a really good job last night, the wind messed it up overnight and I forgot to fix it prior to taking photos. (oops)

I wanted the ribbon to coordinate with gorgeous new lanterns also from the Canadian Tire Canvas Christmas Collection. 

I love making my planters from scratch, but you can find a selection of premade planters if you wish.

I get a lot of questions about where my garland is from and the truth is, that it’s a very inexpensive faux garland and I attach several pieces of real greenery to it. It’s kinda like hair extensions ha. Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-10

I do the same to faux wreaths. It makes them look so nice and lush. Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-11Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-12Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-13Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-14Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-15

Here’s our handsome guy wearing the cutest scarf ready for the season…:) Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-17

I love how everything sparkles at Christmas. There really isn’t anything like it. Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-18Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-19

Thank you so much for stopping by today.

You can find more of the Canadian Tire Canvas Christmas Collection HERE.

much love,




After seeing the photos, I ended up taking off the ribbon and leaving just the garland…:)Christmasfrontporchcraftberrybush-23


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