For me the highlight of Christmas is wrapping presents (seriously it is!), I’m lucky as I have a family that appreciates the efforts that I go to but even if they didn’t I’d still over wrap. Like laying the table, going overboard with wrapping is one of life’s great joys. 
This year I’ve been inspired by the beautiful quality my flower dyed silk took on, subtle shimmering shades of gold, mauve and taupe looked almost iridescent which is how I came to this tutorial. I wanted to use a material that contrasted against the natural-ness (not a proper word, I know) of the silk but also complimented it,  this iridescent tissue is perfect. 
Garden flowers might be thin on the ground now but I used hibiscus tea to create the taupe shade and avocado skins for the pink (I’ve put links to previous tutorials at the end of the post). I love how this has turned out and can’t wait to wrap more. All the steps are below…

The tissue paper, confetti and labels are all from Pipii, glass decorations are from Poundland,  the tiny baubles are from Wilko and geometric shapes are old Ikea. Mixing textures and tones are key to how I create – there isn’t a limit to how many you use just keep the tones similar. I’ve picked out the colours of the iridescent tissue – so pinks, mauves, turquoise with lots of metallic shades.  I’ve also stocked up on plain gift boxes to put gift vouchers in (you can find these in most craft shops). 

First I wrapped my box with a layer of pink tissue paper. As I was wrapping the iridescent tissue around the box I added a few generous pinches of confetti around each side. Before I taped up the ends of the parcel I checked for confetti gaps between my layers and added some more where needed.
Depending on the size of parcel/length of ribbon you may only be able to do one tie around the box, like I have here. If thats the case then I always put off centre with the knot closer to a corner (I think it looks better). Write your tag and select which decorations to use, I used a mix of glass and glitter baubles, I love the glass ones from Poundland as they look so much more expensive than they really are. I threaded everything onto a piece of fine wire  and secured with a knot – threading the decorations onto ribbon or cord would work just as well.

Put the tag/decoration combo onto one length of the ribbon and then tie into a bow – I decided that I needed more decorations at this point, so repeated the above step. Once you’re happy with the bow (it can take a few try’s to get right) your beautiful gift is ready to go under the tree.

To compliment the iridescent wrapping I have also used this beautiful rose gold paper with silver and gold flecked ribbon.

I think this has to be one of my favourite gift wrapping tutorials, I love how magical the colours are when mixed together. Happy making! x

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