Via Pinterest
Whenever I need to air my head and relax, I search for ideas of how to use my enormous crochet flower collection. In moments like those I let my brain graze on pinterest’s feed.
Luckily I found some immensely captivating images that urge me to get hold of my hook and recreate them. Now, this is not something that is going to really happen in reality like right now, this minute, but it feels good to enlarge and widen the “what I might to with my flowers” perspective. I have had my eyes on the above blanket for a long time but my flowers are different in sizes so that means I will have to work on the hexagon background or foundation to fit all, so that’s what has been putting me off. Because I have THREE BLANKETS as UFOs – not planning to add this to the pile.
What seems feasible is to use them in making scarves. Look at these gorgeous scarves I found.
Via Attic 24
Via Pinterest
Most of the flowers I make are used to become necklaces. But I made lots of other things. Here’s just a glimpse:
 Brooches & Rings
Sold some as kits

Made Art
So, you see. We keep things interesting here. One never knows what those flowers are to become next.


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