I shared the before and after of our dining room a few weeks ago but didn’t share the details. For me a room really gets its personality when you start to add the bits and pieces. Most of what I have, I’ve collected on various holidays, picked up at the beach or found in charity shops. I think it’s important to surround yourself with things that you love but also spark a happy memory and not focus on what’s on trend or in fashion.
The above cabinet houses all my best china, I adore this colour and it also provides a safe (as in away from Stanley) place to display home grown flowers and other goodies. You can read my original post about the cabinet and picture here. The watering can is from Homesense, which I find a great source to buy items with a travelled feel when you can’t get away. It’s currently mixed with a vintage milk bottle and blue yoghurt pot bought in Paris a few years ago. As I’ve said it’s not about having everything new its about mixing what you love, I always look for interesting shapes, good thick glass and a sense of imperfect. Adding flowers is the key to making everything work together but also keeps the space changing and interesting. 

My Dad made these shelves from mdf with a front strip of drift wood. Some people love everything hidden away but I like to see my treasures in one place. Quite a lot of what I’ve collected I use in blog posts or when setting the table. I think having lots of natural textures makes the room feel more relaxed and gives it a holiday vibe which is what I was after in this room. 
Keeping with a holiday feel this colourful wall is a mix of bought, collected and handmade. The pomegranate print is from Society6 and the clementine plate is from Anthropolgie – both are really good sources for interesting pieces that add character and personality without having to spend a fortune. I would love to buy so much from Anthropolgie but it is fairly expensive so I treat myself to a new plate here and there – its fun to keep adding. I made the Moroccan slipper picture with slipper key rings I bought in Marrakesh years ago and the star garland is handmade and left over from Christmas but I liked it so it stayed up. The tile I bought in Faro. Mixing is key but I’ve kept the colours to pinky/orange shades so that everything works together. 

Having a little one around means most precious things have to be hidden away plus I hate cleaning so hiding my best bits behind glass is win win. You might have gathered I love anything from a foreign land so when I found this Indian cabinet on eBay I got really excited!  There is something really special about the colours in India, no where else does faded bright beauty quite as well. I was hoping to find pieces like this when I went to Kerala but was in the completely the wrong place! This lilac and turquoise combination stayed with me and I had to have this cabinet. It’s from a shop called lacewing_interiors (they have a great selection, I also bought a smaller key cupboard and some mirrors). 
When you’re decorating the temptation can be to rush and buy accessories all from the same place to finish the room, accessorising is the most fun part and I believe its best when it takes place over time. Sure add something new if you love it (I really want one of these) but adding a little new, a little old and a little nature over time will give a more exciting space. 



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