Jared and I have some very dear friends from college who got married last May. Jared actually watched their romance grow in the architecture studio from classmates, to friends, to a truly wonderful couple. They have been great friends to us over the years and we couldn’t have been more happy for them to be married!

Unfortunately we were unable to make it back up north for their wedding. It was the school year for me, and we had to travel for our own wedding a few months after theirs. We planned to send them a present right away, but for some reason never got around to it (we’re kind of the worst). As time passed, about once or twice a month one of us would see the awesome Doctor Who print, or the Kate Spade glasses they had gotten us for our wedding and say “Crap we need to send Anna and Robbie a wedding present.”

This went on for like 9 months before I got the Pinspiration (Pinterest+Inspiration) to cross stitch a little frame of THEM! Lucky for me, my dearest darlingest husband has figured out how to write little cross stitch patterns for me using photoshop, so we went off my impressive memory of wedding dress shapes, and their christmas card to create these little recreations of their wonderful wedding attire. We didn’t want to flat out ask them for full body pictures because we didn’t want to tip them off that we hadn’t forgotten them, and were in fact NOT the most terrible friends in existence.

You can see the file I went off of HERE in case you want a jumping off point for your own wedding people cross stitch! My most favorite part of this is tiny Anna’s tiny bouquet, which I created using clusters of tiny french knots. It is all of the tiny heart eye emojis.

The card was a brain blast of mine one day (Jimmy Neutron anyone?). Because it was SO LATE I knew I needed to justify the lateness with an arbitrary rule from the etiquette world. The rules aren’t really numbered, and I am now realizing I could have done something cute and mathy with the number… but I missed that opportunity. Jared made the SVG file of the many little calendars, and I had my Cricut write and cut the card. It took FOREVER for it to write all of those tiny little boxes, but I feel like it gives it a more hand-made look than using my home printer. Then I used a Sharpie to cross out all of the little months that had passed by without us sending them their much deserved present! (Jared and I disagreed on whether to cross out the April box, since it WAS April when I mailed it, but it was before the 14th so I technically still had time in that month)

They apparently liked their gift or something they hung it on this AMAZING gallery style wall in their house (which is giving me decorators envy) within 24 hours of receiving it. All around they are better friends than us!

But look how close we were to the real thing! Not a bad recreation if I may say so myself! But for real Anna and Robbie are the best and we love them and are so happy we got to be newlyweds with them, even though we are losing that distinction in a few short months! Time flies when you are having fun my dears!

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