Somehow my oldest neice is turning 14 this month… I’m not sure who let it happen, but it’s happening. When she was visiting Texas over spring break she brought up wanted to re-do her bedroom for her birthday this year. Her last bedroom makeover was when she was like 7 and everything is very brightly colored stripes. She wanted something more sophisticated and grown up like she is (wwaaahhhh she’s still a baby to me!) so I started us a pinterest board.

Her mom (my sister) is covering most of the costs for this renovation, and I am project director, and free labor. However, I wanted to do a few special projects for her, and this is one of them! I really enjoyed making paper flowers  with my cricut for Kate’s Bridal Shower, so I decided to try out a different kind of cut design. I chose to do rolled roses for this project, and I LOVED it. They were pretty simple and straightforward and looked beautiful!

Our color pallet for this projects is white, grey, gold, and millennial pinks, which as far as pinks go, are the most beautiful. So I picked up the perfect paper stack of solid pink cardstock at Michael’s. I had looked at Joann’s for a good selection of solid pinks and came up really flat. I’ve officially decided that Michaels “Hot Buy” paper stacks are the best way to get a good selection of solid colors! I used one of the colors I knew I wouldn’t end up using to test out a few of the different rolled flower designs offered through Cricut. I ended up going with the top right.

Then I actually got started by laying out the paper in the ombre pattern I was going for. This took some time, a lot of squinty, and even more whining that the light in our whole upstairs is garbage. I ended up adding another color to this line-up for a total of 5 different colors.

Then I found the rolled flower pattern I liked in Cricut Design space and sized it so that the rolls were 6 inches wide. I powered up my trusty Cricut Machine cut 5 rolls out per color.

I weeded them off of the cutting mat and got ready to roll! I was cracking up at the waste pieces from the rolls, because they looked like little bouncy squid legs. I made myself walk them all directly to the recycling bin before I concocted a hoarder’s reason to save them!

Rolling the flowers was surprisingly easy and went pretty fast! I used the tweezers from my Cricut tools kit, and grabbed the center of the roll and twisted tightly.

When I had rolled it around a couple of times I carefully removed the tweezers and just rolled the rest with my hands. I pinched the top and bottom of the roll with one hand and twisted more paper around with the other.

When you get to the end of the roll there is a little tab. I carefully folded the tab under the bottom of the roll. I kept the roll really tight while I was wrapping, and then let it loose when I was all done. It’s super fun to watch these little flowers spring to life!

Once the flower has had a minute to unroll itself nicely, I grabbed my hot glue gun and put a big dollop of glue on the flap under the flower. Then I gently pressed on the top of the flower for a few seconds while the glue grabbed hold and cooled. I didn’t make sure to get every single layer of the flower glued down, because they were going to be tightly packed in the frame, and behind glass.

Once I had all of my flowers ready to go, I arranged them all how I liked them on the frame board. This particular shadow box frame is from Michael’s and worked perfectly for this project ( and they regularly go on sale and I can never find any that are even remotely as cheap). There is an inner box piece that sits on top of the backboard, which was very helpful in placing the flowers on the frame tightly. Also the backboard is kind of like a pin board. There is a little fluff to it so you can pin stuff to it. So I got some shorter, white topped, sewing pins and pushed them into the center of each flower. I was super happy with the because it was A.) Really easy to do B.) not as permanent as hot glue, so there is less fear of mistakes and C.) the pins going through the center of the flowers reminds me of how botanists and insect collectors display their specimens with pins. Connecting the flowers to the board was the part that I was MOST worried about, and this was a homerun if you ask me!

At this point it, with the frame assembled it looked like this. Totally ombre and simply beautiful. But I wanted more!

Last, but certainly not least, I whipped up a gold vinyl monogram, cut it with the Cricut, picked it up with some contact paper (the cheapest form of transfer paper for vinyl designs) and slapped it onto the center of the glass. I’m super obsessed with monograms for this room makeover! I have a few more monogram items up my sleeve! You could put a lot of different designs on the glass. I saw butterflies, and quotes all over projects like this on Pinterest!

That is that! An adorable monogrammed wall hanging for a classy teenager’s new bedroom! This took me about 3 hours from start to finish, so it is totally doable for a nice saturday project, and would make a splendid gift!

I will certainly be updating you all on the room as it happens in the next couple of weeks! But I’m sure my Instagram Story will be telling it in real time if you want to check me out over there!

*Got through this whole tutorial and decided you don’t have the time or patience for a project like this? Pay me to do it! I’ve listed these as a product on my Etsy Page! I’d be more than happy to make one for you, send me a message if you’d like me to make you something in another color, or with a different decal!

**Cricut did not pay me to write this because they don’t know who I am. All of the opinions of pure and totally love for my Cricut Machine are my own.

*** There are a few Amazon Affiliate links in this post. If you buy something off of Amazon after clicking on one of my links, I get a little bit of money.


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