I love seeing all the sweet embroidered t-shirts out there at the moment but I’m reluctant to buy as nothing currently fits my growing bump and t-shirts are really fun to embroider yourself. I’ve been buying mine in Primark where I usually head to the mens department or buy drapey versions in the ladies department a couple of sizes larger than I need. Inspired by this beautiful linen thread, I bought last year from The Old Haberdashery , I’ve been keeping my hands busy in the evenings by whizzing up these. 
Don’t worry if you can’t find linen thread, normal embroidery thread is perfect too and readily available in all craft shops. I also recommend getting an air erasable pen I’ve been using mine to mark a rough pattern before I start to embroider. It’s also worth trying your t-shirt on before you start to work out where you want the pattern to be, theres nothing more awkward than a misplaced bloom! Once, you have your patterned marked just have fun, I never plan my design too much I have a Pinterest board where I keep embroidery ideas and then I just see what happens..

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As always, happy making! x


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