Despite the image heavy post I promise that this fabric covered table post is actually very quick and easy to do, this took me less than an hour and that included sharing the steps on Instagram Stories. This table was originally our coffee table and whilst it worked when it was just Dan and I it started  taking up too much room in our living now that toys are in the mix. I didn’t want to get rid, so decided to convert into a foam covered bench that could be used for outside lounging. The ironic part of the DIY is that the weather has been awful so it’s yet to make it outside and is now in our dining room being used as a handy table for train sets! Please don’t let the British weather put you off giving this DIY a try it makes great extra seating and one day it’ll be perfect in the garden, here’s how to make…

You’ll need –  a sturdy table/bench/stool, 3″ thick piece of foam cut to the size of your table (I bought mine locally but there are plenty of places online – I paid around £30 for a 60 x120cm piece of foam), cotton fabric, patterned fabric, staple gun and strong glue.

Step 1 – Using a strong glue, stick the foam to the table making sure the edges are flush.

Step 2 – Drape your plain cotton fabric over the bench, leave an approx 2.5cm boarder from the bottom edge of the table top and remove the rest of the fabric.
Starting in the centre of each side of the table, staple and pull the fabric tight to fasten. You want to staple on the underside of the table so that the staples can’t be seen.  Then work your way around the table stapling every 10 cm or so. 
To finish fold the corners neatly onto the shortest edge and staple to fasten. 
Step 3 – If you’re using a patterned fabric lay the pattern over the table to choose the best placement (I realise this isn’t the most economical way of using the fabric). Once happy, staple into place like the previous step. 

Step 4 – To finish fold the corners into the centre of the shortest side and staple into place. Then cut off any excess fabric, or tuck under and staple so there are no raw edges showing.

(You could also give it a quick iron (I wish had!)


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