Yes, yes, I am back at that gradient game. I really just can’t help myself. I just love that subtle blend of color! And honestly, I am not sure why it has taken me this long to realize that I can make my own gradient vases with just a little bit of spray paint. The process is so straight forward that is it almost to easy. But just look at these vibrant vases!

  • Glass vase (any shape or size will work, but I like these cylinder ones I found at the craft store)
  • 3-4 colors of coordinating Montana Gold spray paint (or other matte spray paint)
For my vases I used the following color combos in the Montana gold paint (I purchase mine online at Jerry’s Artarama):
  • Strawberry, pink pink, lychee, and shrimp
  • Malachite light, frosted strawberry, and lychee
  • Frosted strawberry, lychee, shrimp pastel, and yolk
  • Malachite light, malachite, reef, shocking blue dark
To make your vases, you will want to turn the vase upside down on a protected surface outdoors. Then begin at the base of the vase and slowly work your way to the top adding rings of color that gently overlap the previous color.  I like to try to keep the spray paint around 8-10″ away from the vase to avoid drips. 
Once the paint is dry, your vase is ready to use. That’s it!
So simple right? 
Now I realize that you may not want to go out and buy 4 different cans of spray paint just to make one vase, so this project is good for using up those extra half empty cans of spray paint from previous projects. Or if you are having a party and want a bunch of matching vases for the center of your table.  But if you are just wanting one vase for your home, go check out my Etsy shop, because I am now selling these vases individually all made and ready to use!


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