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Mermaids and unicorns are the trends of this summer. You see them everywhere, from Instagram toast to souvenir shops, with their colorful attire, and the tell tales around them. Do unicorns really poop rainbows? Do mermaids actually care about their hair that much? Who’s to say. The fact of the matter is you might be tempted to party with the mermaids sometime soon, and I’ve got just the thing for that: this crepe paper photo background. Reminiscent of piñatas, it’s actually just layers and layers of “scales”, which you glue to another piece of paper and hang on the wall. Easy, right? I’m sharing the instructions below just in case!

DIY mermaid photo backdrop - Kittenhood

What you need:

  • crepe/tissue paper in blue, green and gold
  • scissors
  • paper glue
  • big sheet of cardboard or paper (mine is 70 x 105 cm)
  • tape measure
  • (optional) balsa wood, cutter, glue, string
  • (optional) thumbtacks

DIY mermaid photo backdrop

Start with a big sheet of paper or cardboard, which will be the total size of your photo backdrop. I used wrapping paper, but it’s the sturdier the better. Lay it on the floor or table and measure its width. Cut several pieces of crepe paper of this width, with the other side measuring circa 10 cm.

Take a strip of blue crepe paper and fold it several times longitudinally. Cut a semicircle through all the paper layers, unfold the strip to reveal a row of scales. Cut about 20 strips of blue scales, 6 strips of gold and 6 of green. These number might differ depending on the total size of your piece and the design you want to use.

Starting from the bottom, glue the first strip of blue scales. Glue the next layer a little higher and slightly to the side, so that the scales alternate. The pattern I used goes like this: 2 blue rows, 1 gold row, 1 blue row, 1 green row, repeated 6 times. Alternate rows of scales until you cover the entire sheet of paper. Trim the lateral edges if necessary.

Now you can use thumbtacks to pin the photo backdrop to the wall directly.

Optional: If you want it to last longer (maybe keep it on your wall as decoration?), place the top edge of the paper between two equal pieces of balsa wood and glue them together. Then pierce the balsa near the ends, pass a string through each side, and knot the ends on the back. Hang the photo backdrop to a nail and enjoy.

DIY mermaid photo backdrop - Kittenhood

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