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Ever dream up a piece of furniture for a space in your home by making a complete wish list of all the features?  This multipurpose work table is one of those dream pieces.
diy work table with free plans
In my mind it had to have a large work surface, storage below, and space for seating in order to double as extra dining space during holidays and parties and most importantly power!
This table has power hidden in the surface.  You know like a fancy conference room table except we’re in my 1740 antique home: 

work table with hidden power
There are many options for adding power but I went with the simple and easy route by using a power strip.  And it was all even easier because under those boards is a sheet of plywood!  No biscuits or pocket holes in the top boards, they are screwed to the plywood from below with the exception of the two pieces where the power is hiding.

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