Holiday style, that you made yourself.

Just in case you’re looking for another off the shoulder style to add to your DIY wardrobe, I recently got onto the idea of a lace long sleeved top, and made it before I went to Bali. It’s a seriously easy style that you simply must try yourself!

Cut Your Fabric

How to


Cut your fabric pieces as shown above.


For both the bodice and the arms you want to fold the pieces of fabric in half and sew down the edge. Then, sew both the top and bottom hems, making sure to leave an opening in each top hem for the elastic.


Thread the elastic through the top hem as you’ve seen here many times. You will then have one gathered tube for the bodice and two long gathered tubes for the arms. Sew them together by hand so they all attached.




On another note, have you noticed that certain trends seem to stick around for a while these days? Much longer than they used to. Take millennial pink and off the shoulder styles, both coming out as the next big thing a few years ago and still going strong. I’ve been wondering about this for a while, and recently stumbled upon this article, which enlightened me. Basically it explains that new technologies have allowed brands to better monitor and tap into what we’re buying and supply more based on that data. Meaning popular trends end up on our shelves far longer than in previous eras where brands reinvented themselves every season. Which is so great because it means that your clothes don’t date as fast, and you can bring that top out again and agin without feeling that it’s dated.  Annnnddddd, it also means it’s worth investing time in making your clothes, because those styles will stick around for a while too. Yay!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon.

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