I have always admired the German tradition of giving children a Schultüte as a gift on their first day of school.
As it happens, my niece is starting school, and instead bringing her a boxed present where I also include school supplies, this time I decided to make a paper cone and add up a little bit to the overall excitement.
For the paper cone (and its content), I used the following:
1. A cardboard (50 x 60 cm)
2. Gift wrapping paper.
3. Crepe paper
4. Glue (white Elmer’s) and sellotape
Minnie being her favourite we didn’t overdo it, but added some highlighting this character and things we thought would be useful because one cannot have enough of school supplies, right? Right! We also added some adorable mini picture books (my kids have like a ton of these we collected during the years) and there is one with a paper cone and a story for the first day of school.
I glued both sides of the cardboard paper and holding the bottom I rolled the upper part to the point where it met the other side, then stapled the upper part and sellotaped it  centerwise.
Applied glue 4 cm / 1.6′ on the inner upper part and glued the crepe. After it dried, we added everything inside. I glued shredded paper on the brim of it (to hide the staple) and for effect of course.
Tied the upper part of the crepe with a silk ribbon and that was it. The cone may look small but in fact it is 90 cm (almost 3 feet) top to bottom. It will be almost as big as her. Cannot wait to see her expression when she gets it!



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