Summertime is a constant inspiration for jewelry making but this heatwave here in Greece makes me spend more time at the beach than making anything at all! I wanted to make this beach themed, summer inspired charm bracelet for a while and finally I got the opportunity to do it! I love how the charms move when you wear a charm bracelet but for this one I wanted to incorporate beads too. 
Here’s what I’m using :
Aluminium chain
-A few glass beads
-A lobster clasp
-2 metallic beads
Stringing wire
-Crimp beads
-Various beach themed charms and beads 

First add jumprings to your charms. If you use any beads add headpins and jumpring.

After measuring your wrist add a couple of cm to it. Cut a piece of chain approximately half that size and add the lobster clasp.

Using crimp beads, attach the chain to a piece of stringing wire.

Now string the beads and secure using another crimp bead.

Using jumprings, attach all the charms on the chain.

Now you can have your summer memories into a bracelet and wear it all year long!



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