Last night I proved that I am completely susceptible to peer pressure and suggestion. I also exposed to my friends and family the magnitude of craft supplies I have on hand at any given time. How did I do all of this in one night? Well here’s the story:

Around 10:00 pm a friend of mine shared one of those hyper lapse craft videos on my facebook page. It was for custom painted shoes for teachers. Anyone that looks at my feet regularly enough, will figure out pretty fast that I love a pair of custom painted Tom’s shoes. ( some examples Here, Here, Here). I realized shortly that I already owned a pair of yellow Tom’s that had gone unworn and unpainted for at least a year. So this craft challenge was ON!

Honestly, all of the painted Tom’s I own were made by my most amazing husband, Jared, with very little help from me. I’m not great at finely detailed things like painting and drawing, whereas Jared is amazing at it. That skill is what made me fall in love with him in 11th grade english class. However, he hand painted different shoes for each of my bridesmaids and myself (totaling 7 pairs of shoes) and then declared his shoe painting days were OVER and he’d never help me again…  So I was on my own for this one…
But friends, I am here to tell you that it was not that hard at all. Almost all straight lines, and completely doable with a little patience. I just marked them with a pencil, and started painting. We have always used acrylic craft paint for our shoe painting adventures, and it has always been completely fine.

The original post had a silver band by the eraser, BUT i don’t mess around with pencils that aren’t Dixon Ticonderogas, so I went for their classic three green lines. Teachers know that value in a good pencil, and the Ticonderoga is a good pencil.

In less than 2 hours from being challenged to make these shoes, they were done. Then when I woke up I decided that I needed to take some really cute Back to School pics with them (you know since as a blogger I am also a part time model). I was going to wear my favorite navy blue shirt dress, when I remembered my long forgotten apple skirt that I had sewn years ago, and have never worn to school since becoming a real teacher! I seriously dig this skirt and I’m mad at myself for letting it languish in my closet for 2 whole years!

If you give a teacher some pencil shoes, she’ll need her apple skirt to go with it. If you find her apple skirt, she is going to need her personalized apple tote to complete the outfit. This bag almost makes me excited to start school again in a couple of weeks… but just almost… The whole outfit together though…. Now we’re talking some back to school incentive.

Fun fact. When Jared is in charge of the camera he just keeps snapping pictures no matter what I’m doing. Sometimes this results in my favorite candid moments. Sometimes it doesn’t. Here is a quick collection of outtakes!


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