I decided to get a little head start on Valentine gifting, and HOW CUTE are these mini candy dispensers?! They may be only 3″ tall, but still pack in a ton of candies. Before you peek below, can you guess what I made them with?

2″ diametre baking cupsScissorsCrafts knife2″ plastic ornaments with metal caps (from Walmart)Mini scoop

Valentine candy (such as cinnamon hearts and Jelly Belly conversation beans)

Make an incision at the seam of the cup deep enough to be able to cut around the circumference, shaving about 1/2″ off. Use the crafts knife to make a large “x” at the bottom of the cup.

Remove cap from ornament and stick it through the “x”. It will hold firmly in place (however if you’d like, add a little hot glue around the marked spot first). Fill the ornament with candies using the scoop. Then widen the cap with your fingers before securing it back onto the ornament.

Once the dispensers are done, you may add a gift tag if you wish. I used this Martha Stewart heart punch and tied it with ribbon.


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