diy vanity desk with Simpson Strong Tie hardware pulls

Building for my kids is perhaps the most fun and a great source of pride as a momma.  Today I’m sharing how to build this vanity desk including these unique drawer pulls made from Simpson Strong-Tie® hardware.

diy vanity desk free plans
This desk is generous in size, average but not too small, really it’s perfect for anyone.  All the details including step-by-step instructions are down below but first let me show you the finished piece.

diy vanity desk with Simpson Strong-Tie hardware pulls
There are eight smaller drawers on the left and one large wider drawer at the top great for storing all sorts of accessories and supplies.  My daughter has filled it up with hair supplies, play make-up, papers and journals plus lots of keepsakes.

This vanity style desk is personal space to call your own while everything stays tidy in the drawers.

diy vanity desk with Simpson Strong-Tie hardware pulls
I designed the drawer pulls using a screw eye, washer and Simpson Strong-Tie® bearing plate.  Prior to assembly I spray painted the screw eye and washer a glossy aqua blue for contrast, painting the pulls is an easy way to add color without making the entire desk a flashy eyesore.

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