Here is a cute apple craft for kids which is both fun and easy (OK, it’s VERY easy).

Make some easy beaded apple - a simple craft for kids great for fine motor skills

Recently we shared a cardboard apple tree craft with apples kids can pick. It was more of a DIY toy which can be incorporated into imaginary play and early counting practice. This one I’m sharing today is an apple craft which kids can easily make themselves.

When my girls were preschool aged they LOVED threading beads onto pipe cleaners. All I needed to do was put a stack of these materials out on their art table and they would be happily occupied for a long time making a large pile of “bracelets for Mummy”.

For this reason I know that preschoolers will adore making this craft. Pipe cleaners are so much easier to thread beads onto than floppy string, and you have the added bonus of being able to bend it into a shape once you’re done.

Making beaded apples is the same as making bracelets only the beads are all red and green and I’ve added a felt leaf to the top. The finished apples make sweet hanging ornaments, and will even be perfect for the Christmas tree in a couple of months time (doesn’t it sneak up on us fast!).

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Make an easy beaded apple craft for kids - great for fine motor skills

Easy beaded apple craft for kids

Make an easy beaded apple craft for kids - great for fine motor skills

You will need:

wooden beads in red and green
• pipe cleaners (preferably red and green to match the beads)
• green felt
• scissors

How to:

    1. Cut the green felt into leaf shapes and then cut two slits near the end to thread the pipe cleaners through.
    2. Place the beads and pipe cleaners on the table and allow kids to thread the beads onto them themselves.
    3. Once you have enough to make an apple (we used 13 wooden beads per apple) twist one end around the other, leaving a long piece to curve into a hook for hanging.
    4.  Thread a leaf onto the top and you’re done!

Make an easy beaded apple craft for kids - great for fine motor skills

More easy craft ideas for kids:

• Make some colourful scrunch-dyed paper towel
• Kids will love making these sponge butterfly prints
• Make your own DIY nature craft construction kit using nature, blu-tack and googly eyes!

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