Hi friends! Today we’re over on the Resin Craft Blog sharing an air-dry clay jewelry tutorial. We’ll show you how to make faux beach pebbles that you can turn into beads to use in a number of craft projects such as this boho-inspired bracelet.

Learn how to make your own beach pebble bracelet with this faux-stone polymer clay jewelry tutorial! #ad

After seeing these drilled beach stone beads on Etsy* we’ve always wanted to make her own but have been stumped by how to drill them. You need to have a diamond drill bit* and very steady hand to drill through rock. So we came up with a much simpler alternative that still looks beautiful. BONUS: it feels like an adult version of Play-Doh! 

DIY air-dry clay jewelry tutorial. Learn how to make your own faux-stone beads. Perfect for necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more!

If you’re not convinced we dare you to figure out which of these stones are real and which we made using the Castin’ Craft EasySculpt Epoxy Modelling Clay.

Beach stone pebbles recreated with EasySculpt Epoxy modelling clay. Can you tell which are real and which are faux? Full tutorial included.

So be sure to head on over to the Resin Crafts Blog for the full DIY air-dry clay jewelry tutorial.

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