Today is Fleece Fun’s official launch of it’s food drive for the Utah Food Bank.  A virtual food drive might be a kind of a funky concept to you, but it actually has incredible benefits to you and to the food bank!

You do your “shopping” online.  You select what you want to donate (like tuna) and then the food bank does all the shopping for you.  But here’s the cool part where that can of tuna averages .72 a can, the food bank only pays .42 – so your money goes further!

Here are some startling statistics:

  • 1 in 6 children in Utah face the pain and stress of hunger.
  •  Food-deprived children not only feel the physical pain of an empty tummy, but when an empty tummy makes it hard to concentrate in school,
  • Hungry children are more likely to be chronically absent from school, and when they do attend, have a hard time concentrating

Providing a good meal not only improves health, but quality of life!

But here’s the good news:

  • In 2016, Utah Food Bank distributed 31.8 million meals
  • The Utah Food Bank can turn each $1 donation into $7.81 worth of goods and services
  • From each $1 donated, 95 cents goes directly to food and services; only 5 cents of every dollar goes to administration and development expenses.

This is one of those rare things where it’s more convenient for you, and the charity benefits more by making your dollar stretch!

Donating to a virtual food drive gives more to the Food Bank, saves you time and energy and is convenient for you!

You can donate to the online Virtual Drive here –

Below is a video I did explaining how to donate and the advantages to the Utah Food Bank.

As part of the #lighttheworld campaign, you can accept the challenge to give service everyday during the month of December. (You can learn more here)

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