I wrote about wanting to try my hand at flower dying in my Inspired, August post and over the course of the month I’ve been doing just that. In between getting ready for my new arrival, finishing home renovations and of course looking after Stanley it’s been a very pretty slow project to immerse myself in. I tried bundle dying based on a tutorial in the book – The Modern Natural Dyer – that I bought last year. I used silk habotai as my fabric and then used a mix of strong magenta and orange flowers from the garden to dye with. I didn’t follow the instructions to the letter so perhaps could have done with leaving the fabric bundles to sit a bit longer and maybe used a mordent to fix the colours (?). The overall result produced really soft delicate colours which always work so beautifully on silk. I ripped some of the fabric into strips as I plan to use as gift wrapping ribbon and as an extra experiment I couldn’t resist adding a little gold and silver leaf to some of the ribbon strips for added sparkle (I’m now thinking of all sorts of different ways to embellish these ribbons). Next time I’d like to give flower hammering a try to see if I can get a stronger colour but until then I’ll leave you with these floral images to feast your eyes on! 
If you would like more flower dying inspiration, then take a look at this gorgeous instagram account – _thewayoftea_


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