Halloween is coming up and I have a confession to make: I’ve never done Halloween before. Depending where you are from, you probably staring at your screen in disbelief right now. This year I decided to do a Halloween printable for the blog. My first Halloween décor! So I did some research to list all the typical Halloween decor items like pumpkins, skulls, witches, bats, spiders, zombies and so on. As I was never into scary, bloody stuff, I didn’t feel very drawn to any of them.




I was thinking…maybe some bats…they are kind of cute…but somehow it seemed all so boring to me as you find hundreds of Halloween bat décor ideas on the internet. I didn’t want to add another one.

When I was looking up decor ideas with skulls, I saw that beautiful – as beautiful as a skull can get, in my opinion – skull with a flower crown, called a Mexican skull. There it was! That would be my Halloween printable: a flower crown skull. That you can very easily make into a garland with the technique I used also for my quick and easy paper bunting garland.




I love the flower crown skull idea so much, I also would totally dress up like that. There are some amazing skeleton make-up ideas and tutorials out there and combined with my DIY floral head piece you have the perfect Halloween make-up.



Download your templates here:


You can choose different colour combinations for the flowers or print them all and mix and match.

Pink and orange flower crown

Yellow and red flower crown

Purple and red flower crown

Orange and red flower crown



For your flower crown skull garland you need:


  • printed template (download it from the links above)
  • scissors
  • sewing needle
  • sewing thread


1 – Cut out as many flower crown skulls as you like, just cut roughly around them.


2 – Thread the needle and string the skulls by stitching the needle through the paper – right and left of the flower crown. First from the front to the back, then from the back to the front again – the dotted line in the image below shows where the thread goes along the back. String as many flower crown skulls as you like.


3 – Hang your Halloween flower crown skull garland. Done.




I am quite curios, so please leave a comment: Are you a fan of Halloween? What is your favourite Halloween décor?



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