If you and I hang out together on Instagram, you might know I’m a bit of an addict. Often posting several times a day. But, rarely do I get around to printing any of them off. It’s one of those dichotomies of the digital age. Technology makes it easier than ever before to capture those moments. We can take as many snapshots of our everyday life as we like without fear of wasting film. But that ability to take hundreds of photos in a day, has in many ways, made them less precious somehow. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve stashed holiday photos in a folder on my desktop or phone and never gone back to sort through them and pick out my favourites. Instagram is great for that. I love how my IG feed forms little stories or moods over a period of time. My favourite pics are shared pretty much as I take them.

But when Katie from cheerz.com contacted me, I was reminded again how lovely it is to actually print photos…PRINTING INSTAGRAM PICTURES WITH CHEERZ

Cheerz.com enables you to print your photos direct from social media accounts or your device in a variety of different formats. Either via their website or their mobile app. (ios and android supported). It’s ideally geared towards instajunkies like me. I suspect, with the little squares and mosaic layouts that characterise their product range, that it was all developed with Instagram in mind and that the other supported devices/social media were secondary. I’d go so far as to say the people behind cheerz.com are instajunkies too! Anyway, I speculate….back to the giveaway!! Katie very generously offered to let me try out a couple of products.  A framed mosaic of 35 images and a boxed set of 9 magnets.

I opted to use images from a couple of trips we have taken recently. If you follow my IG feed you’ll recognise these, lol!  A lovely little trip to Bergamo in Italy a few weeks back…PRINTING INSTAGRAM PICTURES WITH CHEERZ

And a family holiday to The Lake District this summer. I love seeing them all grouped together like this :) The frame is a lightweight composite material and is glazed with plexiglass/perspex and you can opt for portrait or landscape orientation. I’m thinking I may hang this in Elliott’s room. Remind him there is a great outdoors when he’s obsessing over the latest Minecraft mod, lol!PRINTING INSTAGRAM PICTURES WITH CHEERZ

The whole week in a frame!

Here it is in Shedquarters to give you an idea of the scale…PRINTING INSTAGRAM PICTURES WITH CHEERZ

The app was super easy and quick to use and the product decent quality & value for money. I’m impressed, and planning on ordering a few pieces as Christmas gifts for family. If you fancy trying it out for yourself and printing some of your own memories, then the folks at cheerz.com are offering three readers £20 each to spend online. Just leave a comment (and email/contact deets) below to enter. Giveaway closes Sunday 29th November Midnight GMT. The winner will be selected at random and contacted by email.

Good luck….and happy snapping! See you over on Instagram?

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