Last week I blogged about the gift I gave my co-teacher, Kate, for her school bridal shower. BUT because I’m always looking for a reason to throw parties I decided we also needed to have a little shower, just for our first grade team, at my house.
Kate’s wedding is going to be very lush greens, with gray, so I went ahead and made her shower match. I figured that if there were any of the decorations she liked, she could take them to use them again, and it turns out most of the decor in her home is also gray, so double win.
I didn’t go TOO crazy with the decorations, because it was a low key event, my house isn’t very big so there aren’t many places to decorate, and I didn’t have a TON of time to get things together. I used my Cricut for everything I made, and a lot of the projects were actually part of the Cricut Access projects so it was just set it and forget it kind of stuff.
Let’s Start with the canvas signs. I knew I wanted to do a canvas banner because they are kind of my favorite thing right now. I decided that I wanted them to be gray instead of the beige I had used for most projects. I went with a Welcome sign for my front door, and a Mr & Mrs Murphy sign for a cute little backdrop wall. I plan to do a tutorial on how to make the signs in a few weeks, but I will be posting the welcome sign to my Etsy page in case you don’t plan to invest around $800 in crafting equipment and accessories to make your own (Sewing machine, Cricut Machine, Heat press.. Oh my). Kate told me the welcome sign is going to look perfect in her entryway which is so exciting for me. I prefer all things I make for parties to have some kind of second life.
While I am loving canvas wall signs right now, I’m a long time sucker for bunting (remember the 1000 feet of bunting I made for my wedding???). When I saw these beautiful intricate bunting flags on Cricut Design Space I knew I neeeeeded to make them. They were very easy and the file was free with a Cricut Access membership, but they did take a really long time to cut. It was around 15 minutes of cutting time for each flag. However, I trust my machine, so I set it to cut then sat around watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix.
The last big project I made for this party was a ton of paper succulents. These cut really quickly, but took some assembly. Again I worked on them while binge watching Netflix like a champ. The file was also free with cricut access, I just tweaked the sizes to fit my paper, and to add little variety.
I picked up some brownie pans from my favorite place in the world (Dollar Tree baby!) and used styrofoam glue dots to attach them in the little pans. I actually had to use some styrofoam boards in the bottom to boost the flowers up enough so they just barely peeped out of the top of the pan.  They turned out perfect and I lined them down the middle of the table as a centerpiece/table runner.

I had a few extra flowers, so I got some shredded kraft paper, and used a jar I got at Goodwill to make this little paper succulent terrarium. Funny story, I bought this jar to make a terrarium with living plants, but I am kind of loving the low maintenance paper plants, so they’ll be here for awhile.
Since she wasn’t registered I couldn’t stop myself from personalizing more items. She now has everything she could ever want with Mrs. Murphy on it! I am obsessed with shiny gold vinyl on black fabric so I whipped up a cute v-neck. I figured something I gave her as a bridal shower present should involve her soon-to-be husband, so they also each got a beer mug!
I loved every minute of crafting for this party and the party itself wasn’t half bad either! We ate pie and barbeque meatballs, and enjoyed each other’s company.
*While this post totally feels like an ad for Cricut design space, It totally isn’t. This is all of my real feelings about my dream machine. However if anyone knows how to get Cricut to sponsor me HIT ME UP! I’m craft toy poor and need money to buy more things!!!!*
**Speaking of needing money… if you use any of my links that take you to Amazon and then decide to buy something, Amazon gives me a few cents which could totally add up to be a dollar someday, which I would totally use to buy more craft toys (mama needs a sticker machine((And a laminator!))). But if you don’t want me to get money by tricking you into going to amazon, then don’t click on my links. Is this how disclosures work?**


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