Today I’m sharing our guest room renovation which I think might just be one of my favourites. Each room in the house had a distinctive feel to it when we moved in – from overall depressing (see dining room) to just plain creepy (Stanley’s room). This room in the roof used to give me the shivers, I would only ever go up there in the day with all the lights on! It was dark, dingy, boiling hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. It was left an unloved dumping area for three years whilst we saved up enough to get the roof insulated, apart from the initial fitting of kitchen and bathroom this was the biggest and most expensive job on our renovation list.
The whole of the top floor of the house was sealed off as the builders took down all the ceilings, filled between the rafters with insulation and then rebuilt the walls. Whilst the walls were down we decided to make the room bigger (!) by taking the wall right back into eaves creating a perfect sleeping nook and also adding an ensuite bathroom. We created accessible storage around the sides of the room, complete with lights and adult size doors (I can’t tell you the difference this has made to storing things away easily). We also replaced the broken window and added spot lights. 
Due to the age and higgledy nature of the house the project was a relative unknown (the rooms are deceptively large) by the time we’d reached the end of the work we’d reached the end of our budget. When it came to decorating I kept it simple and with the exception of the side lights and some bedding I used everything I already had. One of the builders painted the room white for us (as I just didn’t have the time with Stanley in tow) but I sanded and painted the floor (see Craft Room for details). Its funny how white works in some rooms but not others, white didn’t work in our bedroom but here its been a fab blank canvas for all my colourful collections (having lovely smooth walls also helps). I wanted this room to feel cosy, uplifting and calm but most importantly clutter free. We already had the furniture so it was a case of putting it into place and adding a few accessories (some I already had, others I’d be storing up from charity shop runs).
I love this how this room has been transformed and get so excited whenever someone comes to stay. I’m determined to keep it this way for as long as possible or even move up here myself! I’ve added a few links below if you’re looking to recreate similar. 
Lamps  – Angland Lamp, Ikea
Yellow cushions and big rug – TK Maxx
Mirror – Laura Ashley  (no longer online)
Bookcase painted by me years ago
All other details either secondhand or gathered over the years


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