Learning how to crochet complicated, and intricate stitches is always a fun and exciting experience for me, but some days I just feel like curling up under a cosy blanket, binge watching Downton Abbey and crocheting up a simple pattern, using an equally simple to follow stitch. I find it wonderfully relaxing, as there is something calming about the rhythmic motions, and not having to constantly worry about stitch counts.

Today I’m thrilled to share with you the latest stitch in my repertoire that falls underneath this “simple-to-follow” category!

The Spider Stitch is a modern, beautifully textured stitch… Perfect for when crocheting those cosy blankets, quirky scarves and reliable washcloths as this stitch also works up into quite a dense fabric.

Learning new crochet stitches and techniques is always fun, don’t you think? Luckily for you, this helpful step-by-step video tutorial will guide you through all the necessary steps to learn the “Spider Stitch” (in an easy to follow speed), as you continue on your crochet adventure!

Crochet Hook – 5.00mm (H)

st – stitch
ch – chain stitch
sc – single crochet

Chain in multiples of 2.

Row 1- (Sc, ch1, sc) in 2nd ch from your hook. *Skip 1 st, (1 sc, ch1, 1 sc) in next st. Repeat from the * all across. Turn your work.
Row 2- (Sc, ch1, sc) in 1st ‘ch1’ space from previous row. *(1 sc, ch1, 1 sc) in next ‘ch1’ space from previous row. Repeat from the * all across. Turn your work.

Row 2 until you reach your desired length.

Are there any other crochet stitches or techniques you’d love to learn?
I’m always open to new ideas and inspiration when it comes to 
sharing crochet with the world!


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