Last week we shared the final reveal for our Graystone Beach cottage bathroom remodel that we completed as a part of the One Room Challenge. One of our favourite parts of the room is the new Allure ISOCORE floor and today we’re happy to share this video tutorial on how to install vinyl plank flooring with you!

Learn how to install vinyl plank flooring with step-by-step video tutorial. Great option for a bathroom, basement or kitchen and can go over existing tile! #allureprojectsucces [sponsored]

“Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Canada and Allure ISOCORE. All opinions expressed are our own. You can read our full disclosure policy here.”

There were so many reasons why we wanted to install the Allure ISOCORE floor in the bathroom:

  1. It has the underlayment built right in so we didn’t need to worry too much about preparing the subfloor.
  2. We could install the vinyl plank flooring over the existing tile which saved SOOO much time and effort.
  3. It helped to solve the problem we were having of “sweating floors”: the existing ceramic tiles had been installed right onto the cement. In the summer, the warm moist air would hit the cold ceramic tiles resulting in condensation. Since the vinyl planks stay closer to room temperature, the likelihood of condensation is greatly reduced.
  4. Allure ISOCORE is waterproof, odour, mold and mildew resistant making it perfect for the bathroom.
  5. The drop and lock joints made installation pretty quick as we had limited time to complete the entire bathroom remodel.
  6. The vinyl planks have a beautiful texture and interesting pattern – the cool tones in the Brushed White vinyl plank tiles were perfect for our new beach-themed bathroom, yet the warm tones help to tie in the rest of the cottage floor (which is a natural oak).

There were a few surprises when we went to installing the Allure ISOCORE vinyl plank flooring:

  • It is meant to be installed AFTER all the parts of the room are in place, such as the shower, vanity and toilet. This did require extra care in measuring the planks to get them to fit into place. 
  • Also (at least with the Brushed White style) the beautiful variations in pattern and colours from tile to tile required extra care to line up the designs such that there weren’t any stark transitions from one to the next. In the end, this little step made a huge difference in the floor looking cohesive and professional.  

Supplies Needed to Install the Allure ISOCORE Luxury Vinyl Flooring

How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

We’re happy to share this video tutorial with you to help with the installation of your plank vinyl flooring. We have new DIY video tutorials on our channel each week, so be sure to subscribe! As always, be sure to read all the instructions provided with the product.

We are so pleased with how this plank vinyl floor turned out. It’s got so much interest and texture yet looks clean and crisp. It looks great with our new DIY wine cork bath mat!

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Allure ISOCORE vinyl plank flooring installed in a fresh and beachy bathroom. Full video tutorial for the DIY vinyl plank floor is included!

Have you ever tried installing new flooring yourself?

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