Recently I saw quite a lot of pictures around the internet of women with a floral headpiece or flower crown. Also on snapchat it’s popular now to give yourself a flower crown. I wanted one, too. And for it to last, I decided to make one with faux flowers. But the fabric ones, not plastic, they look more real, I think.


diy faux floral headpiecediy floral headpiece TITLEdiy faux floral headpiece


To be honest, I’ve got the slight feeling I’m always a bit behind with trends. Maybe my brain needs to see something for a certain amount of times until it realises “I want that, too.” But, what the heck, I want a floral headpiece now and I made a floral headpiece now. And I hope, you’ll make one, too.


diy faux floral headpiecediy faux floral headpiecediy faux floral headpiece


A floral headpiece is the perfect accessory for summer, just throw on a simple dress and your floral crown will do the rest, it is the highlight of every outfit. Unfortunately I still have to wait a while, it’s still winter here.


diy faux floral headpiecediy faux floral headpiecediy faux floral headpiece



For your own floral headpiece you need:


making diy faux floral headpiece


  • faux flowers and leaves
  • elastic band
  • felt
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • punch pliers


1 – Remove blossoms and leaves from stems.

making diy faux floral headpiece


2 – Cut a piece of felt big enough to accommodate all your blossoms. Make a cut at both ends wide enough to fit the elastic through.

making diy faux floral headpiece


3 – Punch hole in middle of felt, glue flower in (put little stem trough the punched hole).

diy floral headpiece glue first flower copy


4 – Messure how far the next flower should be, then repeat process – punch hole, glue flower in. And with third flower on other side.

making diy faux floral headpiece


3 – Arrange leaves around flowers to compliment the arrangement and to cover gaps. First lay them out without glueing. Then glue the leaves on the felt one by one, always checking where the next one should go. I added the little green flower last to cover a “hole”.

making diy faux floral headpiece

4 – Cut a piece of elastic. Messure before you cut by holding it around your head, remember that it should be stretched and subtract the length of the felt piece.

Slit one end through one cut in the felt and glue elastic together, overlapping approx. 2 cm. Do the same on the other side.

If you want, you can also sew the elastic together, by hand or with a machine, I was just too lazy to get my machine out.

making diy faux floral headpiece


5 – Wear your floral headpiece with pride. Done.


diy faux floral headpiecediy faux floral headpiece


I really love pink right now, so I love my pink roses headpiece. But wouldn’t it look stunning with poppies or orchids, too? What flowers did you choose?




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