Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to paint your front door a really bright and bold colour but have been afraid your neighbours might think you got drunk and carried away? 

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No? Just me :) ? 

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I live in a relatively conservative suburban neighbourhood. So when we recently got the chance to partner with DecoArt and pick from their new paint line Americana Decor Curb Appeal, we couldn’t resist going bold! We picked out the bright and cheery Harbor Blue to use for our Graystone Beach cottage front door.

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Over the last few months we’ve been renovating some of the indoor spaces of the cottage . But why should we neglect the outdoor space? A home’s front door is the first thing that your guests and visitors see and it’s important to make a welcoming impression.
DecoArt’s Americana Decor Curb Appeal paint is a durable, semi-gloss finish acrylic. There is no need to sand or prime your door before using any of the 21 gorgeous inter-mixable colors, including classics and more bold tones such as what we used. Moreover, the color went on beautifully and this ended up being a pretty easy weekend project.

You can see the color of the steel door before. It had been primed about 15 years ago but never finished because we couldn’t quite decide on a color! The door is metal with a window insert and the plastic frame around the window had yellowed over time. It had seen better days.

We used both the White and Harbor Blue Curb Appeal paints on the door. This paint was really nice to work with and is formulated for outdoor and indoor use. There were very few odours and the thick consistency made it easy to work with, even with the door still on its hinges. 

Supplies Needed to Paint a Metal Front Door

Supplies needed to paint a metal front door without removing it

How to Paint a Front Door Without Removing It

There are some really helpful tips for using the Americana Decor Curb Appeal Paint on the DecoArt website. You’ll also find some front door inspiration projects using the various colours of Curb Appeal paint.

Step 1: Prepare the door surface for painting

Be sure to thoroughly clean the surface of the door with warm soapy water or something with a de-greasing agent if the door is very dirty. Let the door completely dry before starting to paint.

Curb Appeal paint is formulated to cover surfaces without the need to sand or prime beforehand. However:

  • if your metal door is extensively damaged by rust you will want to sand down the rusty spots and seal with a Metal Primer to block further rusting;
  • scrape off any peeling paint from an old door (or use a powerwasher) and sand out any uneven lines;
  • lightly sand new plastic shutters before painting;
  • fill any holes or deep scratches with a paintable wood filler (sand and dust off before painting); 
  • consider using a Stain Blocker/Sealer on any wood surfaces where bleed-through of stain or tannins is a concern. 

Step 2: Protect areas where you don’t want paint

Use masking tape to tape off the windows and the knobs and handles and locks. Place the drop cloth under the door to catch any paint drips drips. Taping out our window panel actually took the most amount of time because of the intricate design.

Step 3: Paint the front door

Open the door as far as possible to be able to paint along the edges. Keep the door open at least 4-6 hours (depending on your temperature and humidity level) to make sure it doesn’t stick when closed.

Work from your lightest to darkest colours.We used the Farmhouse White paint for the plastic window insert. It actually took several coats with about 2 hours of drying time in between to get full coverage.

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Once the window panel plastic was painted and dried (overnight) we gently removed the masking tape. We reapplied the tape around the outside of the window frame (don’t press too hard to minimize the chance of the fresh paint peeling away with the tape). 

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We painted the outside door surface using a paintbrush. The Harbor Blue provided full coverage of our steel front door in just one coat. About 10-15 minutes after applying the paint I checked for and brushed away any paint drips. 

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DecoArt Curb Appeal Harbor Blue paint on a front door-1.jpg

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Once the paint was completely dried we just had to touch up a few spots that were missed the first time around.
We then painted the inside of the door with Farmhouse White (not shown).

We’re so happy with our bright and bold new door. It’s the perfect first impression for our coastal-style cottage. Here are just a few additional thoughts on using the Decoart Americana Decor Curb Appeal paint:

  • the paint is quite thick (almost like a oil based paint) and goes on thick. It’s tempting to do a thick coat but we found it better in the end to do a few thinner coats for the best result.
  •  although the paint left streaks when originally applied to the door surface, over time it self leveled to a nice smooth finish.
  •  we painted the door without removing it (it remained on its hinges) and had no problems all then a few drips which we made sure to brush out before the paint dried.
  •  while it’s fast drying, there was enough time to work with it and smooth out any globs before it fully dried

So this might be my new favourite place to hang out with my morning coffee while at the cottage. The front patio is west-facing and beautifully shady in the morning. 

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Do you have any tips for how to paint your front door?


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