Clothing sizes drive me insane and can pretty much be disregarded nowadays. I rarely, if ever, look at size labels – if something looks like it might fit I try it on or just snap it up if the price is right.

Unfortunately thrifting online means trusting vague sizes:

I scored that adorable but totally ill-fitting playsuit for only €1 online before my international move. The tag claims it’s a size L(arge) but I couldn’t get any of the buttons anywhere near their button holes, harumph!

Thankfully I came up with a quick and easy solution to increase the size of this too tight romper and make it fit like dream:

Discover How to Upsize a Playsuit with my simple tutorial below:

Ugh! There’s over 3 centimeters of space between that interior button and button hole!

And more space between the outside button and button hole!

While wearing the playsuit I marked my ideal position for each button.

Then simply removed the buttons and reattached them at my marks!

This fab playsuit was increased a minimum of 2 sizes by simply moving the buttons!

Check out all of my simple upsizing tutorials over here!

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all the tutes!


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