It’s taken me a few days to write this post, I didn’t want to just write hey here are some pretty flowers on a delicious backdrop but actually write more about what’s happening in my day to day.
The truth is that there has been so much adulting lately I’ve really lost my thirst to create and whilst my blog has always been my place to share the joy that is making and doing it just hasn’t felt right. l’m not quite here and not quite there. I’m sure part of that is being pregnant, my brain/body are quietly working away growing a tiny human – an action I always underestimate but also health scares and being burgled have done nothing to make me feel like my feet are safely on the ground. 
Feeling unsettled always effects both my creativity and confidence which I’ve come to realise go hand in hand. I had grand plans this year to get selling jewellery and start finding more work writing and sharing tutorials which is something I love doing. Real life has had other ideas and I’ve had to accept that for the moment these plans will have to wait. 
My inspiration for the month is to try and find the fun again. I found this perfect blue egg on my travels this week – it literally stopped me in my tracks. I scrapped my original nap time plans ran into the garden, gathered all the colourful flowers and just played. Look – I’ve grown all of these (apart for the hawthorn and lilac) and aren’t they so beautiful?! The colours and textures just needed to be captured. I really hope this is glimpse into a blooming summer, its made me want to get back out into the garden and get my sweetpeas into their final pots. 
Have a wonderful month. xx 



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