I can’t believe we’re already ten days into the month, I meant to have this post up last week but I really needed a rest. The older Stanley is getting the less time I have to do anything Dan works thirteen hour days so I’m on my own most of the time – I try my best to juggle the everyday with our on going renovations plus a few freelance projects that come my way but lately its all caught up with me and I needed a bit of down time. I’m feeling better for a rest plus I’ve almost finished our dining room which signals the end of major renovations – woo hoo (insert 20,000 smiley faces)!
Magazine tears are still my favourite way to get inspired – no algorithms to decide what you should see – just a natural selection of images that spark the imagination. I love these simple cosy candle filled tables with bright accents of exotic blues and explosive pinks. I’ve finally got my dining table back so hope to pull together an autumn display using these gorgeous colours and textures. 
With October being the first month of the gardening year, I plan to get outside, plant bulbs and tend to my tiny seedlings. I have an abundance of poppies coming through plus a few others (I can’t remember exactly what I have sown!) which is super exciting – I normally dread this time of year but getting prepped for next summer definitely keeps my spirits up. I’m also taking this photography class at the weekend, it’s been on my wish list for a while and I’m really looking forward to doing something different and something just for me. I hope you’re having a good month so far. xx 


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