easy diy wall art

diy wall art easy

My favourite DIY’s are the quickest and easiest ones.  A little project that can be done in minutes and still adds something to your home.  And todays extremely budget friendly DIY wall art is all about this.

Finding art for your walls is never easy.  It takes time and can cost a lot.  But still it’s always nice to have some art in our lives especially as it’s one of those things that turn a house in to a home.  My walls are currently bare and I didn’t have the time or budget at the moment to buy art so I came up with this easy diy wall art idea of using paper napkins as art. Yes, seriously, paper napkins that cost £2 per pack!

The trick here is to choose big and bold prints preferably with not too much white around them. Small patterns with a lot of white won’t work as well.  But this isn’t hard to do as there are so many stunning paper napkin designs out there.

DIY instant art idea

DIY wall art

napkins of your choice (mine are from H&M home)
picture frames
glue dots
iron + tea towel
coloured pen

1. Open out your napkins and iron each one using a very low iron and place a tea towel over the napkins while ironing.

2. Lay out your napkins in the order you like, on the frame backing.

3. The napkins with a full print (like the darker ones I used) sometimes have a very thin white border where they haven’t been printed. So use a coloured pen in the same colour as the background to colour this in. I used a black pen for the darker napkins.

4. Using your glue dots, stick the napkins on to the backing.  I used the dots very sparingly on the backing, mainly to hold the corners in place.  I also used a few to stick the napkins on to each other where they overlapped.

5. Close the frame and you’re done! Easy-peasy!

Note: Using glue dots means that your napkins of course won’t be reusable. But glue dots won’t spoil your backing as they come off easily.  So whenever you fancy a change,  buy a few more paper napkins and update your art.

budget diy wall art

diy wall artdiy wall art

This diy wall art idea is so, so budget friendly – I mean the pack of napkins cost £2!  The best part of this idea is that you can change up your wall art as often as you like.  Whenever you see some gorgeous napkins, get them and you’ll have new art in minutes.

I especially love this idea for creating art for a themed party.  No need for fancy decorations, just make these with napkins that work for your party theme.

Do you think you’ll give this super inexpensive art idea a try?

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