It’s time  – it’s here!  It’s the start of the 2017 fleece season.  Jess and I have been working hard all summer long to bring you some awesome Patterns this fall!  The first one I want to share with you is this unicorn modification to the basic fleece hat:

Yes the world has becoem over run with unicorns.  But if it keeps a warm hat on your little one’s head it’s worth it right?

This hat adds two ears, a mane and a horn to the basic hat.

And of course because the basic hat comes in sizes baby to adult everyone with a desire to be a unicorn can be.

You can grab the free pdf pattern and tutorial here.

But what else is coming up on Fleece Fun?  Costumes, lots of costumes inspired by this past years blockbusters.  Think Trolls, Wonder Woman, Beauty and the Beast, and Moana.  Plus classic costumes like poodle skirts, donuts, Knights and Harry Potter.  Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss a single free pattern!

Fleece Fun – Free Sewing Patterns and DIYs


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