Hot weather always makes me want to go super-minimal, with slip-on shapes and neutral colors. Maybe summer makes me lazy, but I don’t think you can beat an LBD and a pair of sandals. Do you wear black in summer?

Images: Apiece Apart cropped camisole, how to create a faced split hem, the day mule from Everlane, the linen dolman tee dress from Everlane, BDG Morisette t-shirt dress, the Seamwork Georgia dress pattern

Images: Seamwork Georgia pattern, handmade leather bucket bag, Honey Punch accordian pleat t-shirt dress, white peach maple soda, Telio raw hide faux leather, cotton seersucker checks

Images: Silence & Noise muscle tee dress, Kaufman Essex metallic linen, Kaufman classic seersucker stripe, Raye Cara Mule in peach, the Seamwork Veronica pattern, add shoulder slits to the Veronica dress


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