As my work revolves around upcycling preloved gear and sharing step by step tutorials to encourage others to live more sustainably I’m always on the hunt for roadside finds and thrift shop gems:

Take at closer peek at my July Thrift Scores & Works in Progress (in colour) and grab some refashionista inspiration for your next secondhand scavenger hunts and shopping trips!

When I spied this colourful little cabinet at the thrift shop I had no idea I was scoring a piece of history until I shared my purchase online & a fellow thrifty diva let me know it’s a piece from late artist Laurel Burch.

Gorgeous Japanese Geta that not only fit my little footsies but perfectly match my Yukata + a lovely handpainted Japanese shaker set in mint condition.

The stunning fabric panels on this too tight shirt means an upsizing tutorial will be headed your way soon!

Finding hilariously bad translations on clothing always brightens my day (& reminds me of some of the absolutely awesome gear I had in Japan). This goes both ways, especially with the bad translations of Asian characters that silly people get as tattoos – I have seen “noodles” permanently inked too many times count!

The “Loving you I’ll just forever” dress didn’t make it home with me but this adorable sweatshirt mini with pockets sure did – I can’t wait to wear it with my tartan tights and army boots in the fall!

I discovered this crazy heavy yet oh-so-lovely vintage dresser on the side of the road and easily restored it with a good cleaning and quick paint job on the drawer pulls!

A $1 thriftscore that needed some TLC:

How fabulous is this result?!

This $3 garage sale beauty is currently getting the makeover it deserves – stay tuned for the how-to!

All of these roadside finds and thrift scores are being transformed into marvelous display furnishings for my upcoming shop at The Arts Market. (all of the reveals & tutes are coming soon!)

I picked up that fab vintage sewing box by the side of the road and am unsure what exactly to do with it. The hinges are mostly broken and missing and it definitely needs some colourful paint – how  would YOU upcycle it?

Check out all of my top tips for successful thrifting trips right here!

Need some thriftastic refashionista inspiration and delightful DIY tutorials?

Grab my Confessions of a Refashionista tutorial collections chock full of my fave sustainable style and upcycling projects for only $3 and get making today!

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